Friday, April 9, 2010

Perfectly Clear Teaser

We've been hard at work on version 5.1, and one of the headline features we're going to be including in this (free) update is Perfectly Clear - the one-touch image optimization tool from our friends at Athentech. They have a great page explaining the image science behind their unique correction algorithms, so instead of going into that, let's just take a look at some before/after examples using Perfectly Clear inside Bibble in our latest development version of Bibble 5.1 Pro.

For all these shots, the only difference in the left (Bibble Default) images and the right (Perfectly Clear) is that for the image on the right, the Perfectly Clear adjustment was turned on - literally a single mouse click!

This first shot is a typical example of the results you can get out of Perfectly Clear in Bibble 5.1 with just one click. There is so much additional detail in the stones on the right of the doorway, and such an additional sense of depth to the scene.

This next image shows the results that I would typically expect to only be possible by using a polarizing filter. The sky is much bluer without changing the tint of the clouds unnaturally, and the water is so much clearer and and seems to sparkle just a bit more.

The image below shows the local adjustment of contrast performed by Perfectly Clear which brings out an amazing amount of detail from the deeper shadows in the lower left of the scene and reveals the detail and definition in the leaves across the top of the frame.

For the next image, I must admit to using two clicks, not just one. The first was turning on Perfectly Clear, the second was switching on Perfectly Clear's tint control. This is easily seen in the before/after pair. The color cast is removed from the image - most easily seen in the pathway, but also visible in the foliage.

These images show pretty typical results from using Perfectly Clear in Bibble 5.1. I selected these particular images from a group of photos I shot in Cambodia, not because the results were so much better than the results on other images, but because these images contained range of color content and dynamic range and highlight how well Perfectly Clear works on a range on content. The fine folks at Athentech have a much larger gallery of before / after images, so check those out, too!


Anonymous said...

Nice! Loking forward to it!

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Great! I love the Andrea Film Simulation plugin and the Brenda color grader plugins- I use both plugins on almost every batch of photos- it looks like I will be adding this to the front of my workflow, though. Awesome news, thanks to all for their work on this!

Markus Spring said...

Looks promising. But high on my wish list would be a slider to decide how much the colors shift towards red - it was the main reason I used PerfectlyClear less and less back in prehistoric B4 times.

MeneM said...

Oh boy, oh boy oboy oboy!!

Can hardly wait!

Anonymous said...

Onley in Swedich

Lutz said...

Will Perfectly Clear work on layers?

Jeff Stephens said...

@Lutz - Yep, Perfectly Clear will work in layers!

Lutz said...

Thanks. That sounds great!

MeneM said...
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MeneM said...

SInce Bibble labs has stated that 5.1 will be released in the beginning of 2010, we only have to wait a little over two months as a maximum!

fabien mahaut said...

This will be the ultimate add for Bibble5 pro!

Nygifta said...

welll it's mow maj 5 months?

// Bengt

Pieter said...

How I miss this plugin. I think B5 is great, I have just deinstalled B4 but PF is the one feature, I really miss.

wideangle said...

where may I get PerfectlyClear for my BibblePro 5 License? I am so waiting for it.


Philip Goh said...

I believe that you won't need a separate Perfectly Clear license for Bibble 5, as it's going to be a plugin into Bibble.

Jeff Stephens said...

@wideangle - Philip is correct, you won't need to purchase anything additional to use Perfectly Clear in Bibble 5.1 like I've shown above.


Anonymous said...

This can not come out soon enough!!

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