Friday, May 21, 2010

Heal & Clone Teaser Video

Here's a quick look at what will be my starting point for our next official tutorial video for Bibble 5. It shows Bibble 5.1's new Heal & Clone tools in several different forms. Heal small specs to quickly remove dust or a wayward bird in the sky, clone out distracting elements, sensor dust, unwanted people from your images, and more. Take a quick look:

This is a bit longer that the final video, and there's no audio yet. Just a quick peek at what's to come regarding Healing & Cloning in Bibble 5.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Speed up the Human: Keyboard Layout

If you are using a more or less current computer chances are pretty high that Bibble is waiting for you most of the time and not the other way round. While one could drink unhealthy amounts of coffee or your favorite Austrian energy drink to speed up yourself, this might not the best idea on the long run.

In computer games you might collect power-ups, potions, health-packs or build your abilities along the way to become stronger-faster-better.

In Bibble we can assign keyboard shortcuts to almost anything. So without further ado i'll show you my current keyboard layout without any actual keys because the idea matters, not the actual assignment, even more so with all the different international keyboards we all are using and accustomed to.

How I arrived there and why it is set up this way. ...after the jump...

For those more comfortable with German might want to read this on my blog.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Come See Bibble 5.1 at the Austin Photo Expo

Austin Photo Expo

Come see Bibble 5.1 in action at Austin Photo Expo this weekend in our home town, Austin, Tx. We'll be having live demonstrations of the newest features in Bibble 5, including Perfectly Clear, and Healing and Cloning as well as general workflow demonstrations with Bibble 5.

I'm be hosting a few seminars on both Saturday and Sunday, and will be available for Q&A's both in our booth and in the seminars.

There will be tons of other great speakers there, and there's likely to be some great show specials as well, so come on down for the free show!